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The Hardest Part of Anything

Let’s be real with each other, there’s probably a time (or multiple) throughout the day where you say to yourself, “Damn.. I really don’t want to do this and especially not right now”. Pretty common feeling, right? Don’t worry. It happens to literally...

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Business Model Canvas

If you’re anything like me a few years ago, you’re probably wondering what is a “Business Model Canvas”? A Business Model Canvas (BMC) is in many ways very similar to a Business Plan. However, the Business Model Canvas is more a visual representation of a Business...

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Develop a Winning Business Plan

Purpose of a Business Plan Basically, a business plan is a vehicle for internal and external communication that provides a statement of where a business is going. The business plan can be in several formats. While the structure and length may vary from format to format, there is one...

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Magic Leap

This morning I came across a platform called Magic Leap. From my understanding, this is a relatively new engine designed for AR/VR technology. As I’m scrolling through their website (), my mind is racing with different ideas of applications for this device. It’s a very...

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