This morning I came across a platform called Magic Leap. From my understanding, this is a relatively new engine designed for AR/VR technology. As I’m scrolling through their website (, my mind is racing with different ideas of applications for this device. It’s a very futuristic concept but with flying cars around the corner, it may be more practical than I had initially anticipated.

Imagine sitting on your living room sofa and having the whole room turn into your favorite store where you can shop and browse products in 3D models – as if you were there in person. See something you like? No problem. You can buy it simply by moving your eyes.

As the owner of a property renovations company, I envision another application that will allow designers to model a customer’s home and then have them tour the updates before the work is ever actually done. This technology would ensure that a home owner is satisfied with their decision by seeing it ahead of time or making changes before it’s too late. It’s incredible, really.

Think about how easy it would be to conduct remote meetings while maintaining a face-to-face discussion. You could 5 different people who are all housed in different countries sitting in the same room around a conference table.

The SDK is scheduled to be released early 2018, which means its coming soon. This technology literally offers endless possibilities and I’m interested to hear and what kind of applications the rest of world is thinking about.


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