About the Program

Starting and running a business can be an extremely daunting and overwhelming task. Most people today would love to own their own business. I’m sure there has been a time in your life that you had an awesome idea that you never acted on. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself why?

People are under the impression that being an entrepreneur requires a ‘special’ kind of person – a role that they don’t quite satisfy. The fact of the matter is becoming an entrepreneur really is a difficult feat. Especially when you don’t have the proper knowledge or resources. The lack of information creates cloudy waters that quickly become difficult to navigate. The uncertainty is often so great that the vast majority of people are deterred by the very idea and never even get started.

The Michael DiMuro Mentor Program is an opportunity that I am extending to TWO (2) candidates. This program is designed to sculpt well-versed entrepreneurs. I will teach you everything that you need to know in order to start and run your business – no matter what it is. The two candidates will also get to FaceTime with me for 30 minutes per week. I will track your progress to make sure you’re maximizing your productivity and answer any questions you have along the way. We’ll assess your audience, marketing strategies, channels of distribution, and any thing else required to optimize your business.

Do You Need a Mentor?

I have served as both an entrepreneurial mentor and a motivator for hundreds of hungry individuals. The results and feedback that I have received from my peers has not only been very humbling but also a point of validation. Drive, determination and focus are things that I can not teach someone. Making the decision to change your life and to take a risk on yourself for the purpose of growth and self-fulfillment are things that I can not teach someone. These are all decisions that you have to make on your own merit.

If you’re absolutely 100% fucking motivated to start crushing in life TODAY but you don’t feel that you’re well-equipped to get started or continue where you left off because of a lack of knowledge or lack of resources than this program is exactly what you need.

How To Apply

Fill out the application below. Be as descriptive as possible when you answer the questions to increase your chances of being selected. All of the applications will be screened and the winners will be hand-selected based on the quality of answers.

Good Luck 🙂


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