Let’s be real with each other, there’s probably a time (or multiple) throughout the day where you say to yourself, “Damn.. I really don’t want to do this and especially not right now”.

Pretty common feeling, right? Don’t worry. It happens to literally everyone. I don’t care who you are.

So what is the ‘Hardest Part of Anything’?

It’s quite simple, actually.

The Hardest Part of Anything is usually getting started.

Think about it for a minute. What deters you from cleaning your room, mowing the lawn or making yourself a healthy breakfast? Why do we hit the snooze button to get 5 more minutes of sleep? Why doesn’t everyone start a business?

The overwhelming feeling of getting started.

The reason that this happens is because we are so focused on the big picture of what we are looking to accomplish that we loose sight of how reasonable, manageable and attainable our conquest really is. We overwhelm ourselves and push it off for another day only to let it manifest and get worse.

At this point the solution may seem obvious. Nike said it best, “Just Do It”. Sounds easy enough, right? You see, Nike’s simple three word slogan sounds all fine and well until you hit this brick wall where you “Just Don’t Wanna Do It”.

Let me explain to you how to approach any situation so you don’t get overwhelmed and you can begin nailing down all those tedious tasks in your life.


Start with a plan. Write things down.

Yes, right now take out a piece of paper if you need to and walk around your house, reflect on your life, your job, your business, your family. Begin jotting down every single aspect of your life that you need to improve on.

Is your house a mess? Clothes everywhere? Late night snacks piled up to the ceiling? The dishwasher is overflowing? Write it down.

The grass is up to your knees and you can’t find the front door? Write it down.

You haven’t spoke to a close friend or family member in a week or two? Write it down.

Falling behind at work or a project you started? Write it down.

Had this awesome idea for a new business you can’t stop thinking about but you don’t know how? Yup.. You guessed it. Write it down.


Break it Down.

Great! Now you have everything laid out. It’s clear and concise what you need to do and how to get it done, right?

Not quite. There’s still a good amount more that plays into it. You only have the big picture. Nothing was actually accomplished except now you have this big long list of things you need to accomplish and are probably still feeling overwhelmed if not more than you were before. That’s OK.

Think about your life as a big rock.. One that is larger and heavier than you are able to pick up or move by yourself. Now take a sledgehammer and start smashing that rock into smaller shards. What are you left with? Yes, a large pile of broken rock. All of the contents that made up that rock are still sitting right there in front of your face the only difference being now you can start picking them up piece by piece and moving them on your own at your own discretion.

That is what we are doing here. We’re taking the big large picture of what’s weighing on your life (the rock) and we’re smashing it down into little pieces

Let’s say you have a list similar to the one I made in the last section. Well you can’t just say “clean the house” because what does that actually mean?

Break it down. Now if you say..

Clean the house:

  1. Gather all dirty clothes, place them into a bin and put them near the wash machine.
  2. Go around and pick up any loose trash, dirty cups and plates and put them in the sink.
  3. Take the sheets and blankets off the bed and place them next to the wash machine.
  4. Start washing the darks.
  5. Vacuum/sweep the floors in the mean time.
  6. Switch the laundry to the drier and put the whites in the wash.
  7. Start washing some dishes in the mean time.
  8. …..

You get the point..

Now if cleaning the house is the only thing you have to do than your life is in better shape than mine and probably most people reading this but I doubt it.


Start Now.

Execution is the key to success in anything. Period.

Simply put, if you don’t start you’ll never finish.

The good news is, if you listened to what I told you in the last two sections, you already started. You took the initiative, wrote things down and built yourself a map.

Now what you might realize is that once you get started, you don’t want to finish because you already feel invested. That’s really what we want.

Your goals are clear and definitive – its as easy as following the list.

Another reason this is a great thing to implement into your life is giving yourself a sense of accomplishment, which will ultimately affect your mood positively. The psychological affect will make you want to continue down the list crossing things off one by one. You’ve set small attainable goals for yourself so every 5 or 10 minutes you can knock another item off the list.



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